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About Me

Hello. I’m Ron Werner. I’m the original owner and operator of Happy Carpet Cleaners since 1994. My father was a highly respected electrician and he taught me that if a job is worth doing, its worth doing well.

​Plus working on farms in my youth I’m not afraid of “work” and have a strong work ethic. From this I have the reputation of doing excellent work, often excelling beyond my competition.

I’ve lived in Sooke since 1994 and am well known and respected in the community. I am dedicated to my profession and willing to go the extra mile.

About Happy Carpet Cleaners

Have you tried those low priced coupon cleaners and been left wanting?

Have you hired a franchise company only to find the technician lacking in experience and willingness to actually “clean”?

Have you paid a lot of money only to realize later that your carpet or upholstery still looks soiled or that spots returned the very next day or that it took a few days for everything to dry?

​It bothers me when I hear of “professionals” doing shoddy work.
I started my business in 1994 after working for a department store company for 1 1/2yrs which was more interested in making money than doing a proper job. This just never sat right with me. Being the “Boss” allows me the freedom to learn how to clean properly, the time I need to do what I know I need to do, the ability to research and purchase the best chemistry and tools available.
I started pre-vacuuming in 1995 and I’ve created a reputation for myself, to the point where some peers refer to my cleaning as “Wernering” and I was ranked as high as 9th in the top 25 of a peer review of cleaners across North America.

I’ve been promoting thorough pre-vacuuming since discovering for myself that a quick surface vacuuming will leave a LOT of soil in the carpet. I’m willing to and have spent hours vacuuming a carpet to remove that soil.
I had been trying to explain verbally what I was doing so I made a video on You Tube (see my Videos). Some thought I was doing a great job; others thought I was nuts. If you like some light entertainment, read the comments on YouTube.

Removing as much dry particulate before getting it wet only makes sense. (See Why carpeted homes can be healthier)

My business is here to serve YOU. I do what I do so that you won’t just Think your carpets and upholstery are clean…You’ll KNOW it’s clean!

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Choosing Happy Carpet Cleaners Will Allow You To Breath Easier;
Emotionally and Physically

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Because I am an Owner/Operator I will do whatever I need to do to make you happy, within reason.  If you have a question or a concern, I will deal with it. 

Master Textile Cleaner

I’ve taken many classes and passed many exams to earn this title. You can trust me with your carpet & upholstery and can call me when you have questions.

Approved Cleaning Methods

As a Master Cleaner I am trained in all cleaning methods and use only carpet manufacturers’ tested and approved methods.

Advanced Equipment and Chemistry

My equipment and chemistry is the best I’ve been able to find which provides the most efficient and effective cleaning available.  

Safe Green Solutions

I have researched available cleaners and have chosen solutions that are not only safe to use in your home around you, your family, and your pets, but its also safe for me to use every day. I use solutions that are as “Green” as possible without sacrificing “clean”.

Guaranteed Pricing

The price I quote you will be the price you pay. I’ll give you a guaranteed written quotation before I begin.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

​​Choosing Happy Carpet Cleaners will allow you to breath easier; emotionally and physically.
​​You can relax knowing your fabrics and flooring are in good hands and you are getting the BEST VALUE in town.

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