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1. Carpet Cleaning Instructions

Before I entered this industry my idea of cleaning the carpet was a good vacuuming, a spray foam and a brush. I had no idea! After 20yrs of cleaning, classes, talking with other cleaners, I have found Hot Water Extraction or Steam Cleaning to be the BEST way to clean a carpet:

  1. Pre- Inspect the carpet for areas of concern
  2. Provide a written guaranteed quotation
  3. Thorough Dry Vacuuming to remove as much dry particulates as possible ie dust, dander, hairs, sand, etc
  4. Prepare for cleaning by placing sliders under furniture to be moved and corner guards to protect walls and other furnishings.
  5. Pretreat with a soil emulsifying solution to break down oils and soils stuck on the fibres
  6. Groom or scrub in the pretreatment to precondition the carpets and lift the pile.
  7. Steam clean or rinse the carpet fibers thoroughly, neutralizing and removing residues and extracting excess moisture.
  8. Replace furniture with protective tabs and blocks to prevent rust or wood stains.
  9. Post carpet inspection and qualification.
  10. Free plastic booties for each member of the family (except the family pets 🙂 to allow safe walking on the freshly cleaned carpet, preventing damp feet and accidental resoiling of the carpet.

Carpet Protectant is applied when requested preventing soils and oils from sticking to the carpet fibres, beading up spilled liquids, keeping your carpet looking cleaner longer and maximizing its life.

Check out more information on this commonly asked question about protectant.

As you can see, there are more than ‘two steps’ to cleaning a carpet, just like washing your hands:

  • You brush off any loose dirt.
  • Apply soap.
  • Rub your hands together.
  • Then rinse them off.
  • You can then apply a moisturizer to protect and soften your freshly cleaned hands.

Each step is important!

You can’t really cut any corners if you want to get your hands nice and clean!

The same goes for carpet cleaning.

Check out this commonly asked question about protectant.
As well as the main Protectant page.

Three Levels of Cleaning

Cleaners are taught Four BASIC Steps when taking a certification class:
  1. Prevacuum
  2. Pretreat
  3. Scrub/Agitate
  4. Rinse and Extract

I have 3 levels of cleaning to better suit your needs and your budget:

1. My BEST: This includes ALL Four steps and is the VERY BEST way I know how to clean or as I’ve described as The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning You’ve Ever Seen…Guaranteed!!

2. My 2nd Best: I skip the Prevacuuming step and have the client prevacuum. Its not as thorough as My Best but will clean better than 90% of the competition.

3. Basic Cleaning or Just Like the other guys but Better! ​For budget reason mostly, I skip the Pre-vacuuming and the Scrub steps. 90% of cleaners will only Pre-treat and Rinse but they usually work so fast it barely cleans anything. I take my time and perform these two steps MORE thoroughly to do the job as best I can.

See My Fair Pricing Page

Servicing Areas:

Serving Sooke, Metchosin, Langford, Colwood, Highlands, Greater Victoria, Saanichton, Sidney, Cobble Hill, Mill Bay and surrounding areas

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Find A Cleaning Company You Can Trust

Ask questions, get a referral, check with the BBB or your local Chamber of Commerce.

Be willing to pay a little more to get a better job. You can’t expect someone to give you excellent work at cheap prices.

Depending on your environment, you may need to clean consistently at least once a year, if not more often.

​Invest in a good vacuum. Your cleaner will show you how best to use it and maintain it.

With a little simple effort you can enjoy ALL the benefits of carpet and still breathe easy.