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Does That Protectant Stuff Really Work?

Yes, as a matter of fact it does work very well, if its applied properly. Its not bullet proof but it will keep soil from sticking to your fabrics and will bead up liquid spills long enough for you to grab a cloth to clean it up.

Some unscrupulous cleaners might dilute it too much and you never see the benefit. But I apply it to my own carpets and upholstery so that I’ll know first hand just what it does.

One day my daughter spilled her milk on my living room carpet. It laid there beaded up and instead of running for a cloth I stood there looking at it,

“Wow! Look at that. Its all beaded up!” Small things amuse me.

So by the time I get back with a towel a minute or two has passed by. I blotted it up and it was if it never happened.

What I didn’t do is rinse it with some water. So as time passed I started to see the spot start to turn gray. There was some residue that was attracting soil. However, when I cleaned the carpets it stripped right off. The protectant kept the soil from bonding to the carpet fibres so any soiling cleaned off very easily.

That is what it is meant to do. Your carpets and fabric WILL soil but it will clean up easier.

Just like car polish. Right after you polish your car the dust blows right off. As the year goes on you find you need to wash the soil off. All the soil washes off easy enough but by the next year you need to reapply the polish.

So to maintain your carpet and fabrics life, regular cleaning and reapplication of the protective finish is recommended.

There is also a Citrus or d’limonene product for cutting grease and oils. Its only a few steps below food grade.

Cosmetic grade surfactants are used which allow easier rinsing just as they allow cosmetics to be rinsed easier from your face.

These products work fantastic.
Better for cleaning
better for your home
better for you
and better for me!

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