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Fair Pricing

Don’t you hate when you feel like you’re being over charged?
I charge by the cleanable square foot (sf) which is the fairest way for both you and myself.

Some companies charge by the room. Charging this way means that a 200sf room costs the same as a 100sf room. So it seems like they are either undercharging on the large room or over charging on the smaller room.

Charging by the SF means I charge only for the area I am cleaning. In the example to the right I would simply charge for 300sf.

Fair Pricing

If I move all the furniture then I am cleaning ALL the carpet, wall to wall. The more area the higher the cost. If I clean around furniture, eg in a bedroom, then there is less area being cleaned, thus that room will cost less.

Variable: Cleaning Method

Many companies try to get in the door with a low quote or an offer of a 40% discount, and then try to upsell you to a “Better” clean. If I were to say I’m going to clean you carpet for this low price, how then can I say “Your carpet is going to need our “heavy duty” cleaning” and then upsell you to a higher priced “Better” cleaning method. Sounds like the first method wouldn’t have “cleaned” the carpet at all..

Rather then tell you I’m going to clean it with a Basic clean, which is the lowest price, I start from My Best cleaning which costs the most but its the best way I know how to clean and I KNOW it will clean your carpet. To lower the price I skip a step or two of the cleaning. Your carpet will still get cleaned but not as thoroughly as with all the steps. And you are aware of this and have made a choice. You aren’t being blind sided with a $400 up sell.

There are Four Basic Steps that we are taught to clean. 

1. Prevacuum
2. Pretreat
3. Scrub/Agitate
4. Rinse and Extract

When you are calling around for a quote most cleaners will base their quote on a Basic Cleaning, Steps 2 and 4 only. So its important to compare apples to apples when getting prices.

My Best

My Best: This includes ALL four steps I’ve just listed and is the VERY BEST way I know how to clean or as I’ve described as *The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning You’ve Ever Seen…Guaranteed*!! !! Its the most expensive and is usually around double the quotes you’ll get from the ValPac cleaners or those offering 30-50% off but it will remove significantly more dry particulates and soil from your carpet. If you have allergies, I highly recommend My Best.

My Second Best (20% OFF the price)

I skip the Prevacuuming step and have the client prevacuum. It won’t be as thorough as My Best but will still clean better than 90% of the competition.

Basic Cleaning or Just Like the other guys but Better! (Additional 10% OFF the price)

For budget reason mostly, I skip the Pre-vacuuming and the Scrub steps. 90% of cleaners will only Pre-treat and Rinse but they usually work so fast it barely cleans anything. I take my time and perform these steps MORE thoroughly to do the job as best I can. My price is usually in the ballpark of the other cleaners at this level but still higher.

While I can give you a rough estimate over the phone I can not account for all the variables. To prevent surprises for you and myself its best for me to come to your home, measure the area you need cleaned and then I can accurately provide you with options to meet your budget and your cleaning requirements

Choosing Happy Carpet Cleaners Will Allow You To Breath Easier;
Emotionally and Physically

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Because I am an Owner/Operator I will do whatever I need to do to make you happy, within reason. If you have a question or a concern, I will deal with it.

Master Textile Cleaner

I’ve taken many classes and passed many exams to earn this title. You can trust me with your carpet & upholstery and can call me when you have questions.

Approved Cleaning Methods

As a Master Cleaner I am trained in all cleaning methods and use only carpet manufacturers’ tested and approved methods.

Advanced Equipment and Chemistry

My equipment and chemistry is the best I’ve been able to find which provides the most efficient and effective cleaning available.

Safe Green Solutions

I have researched available cleaners and have chosen solutions that are not only safe to use in your home around you, your family, and your pets, but its also safe for me to use every day. I use solutions that are as “Green” as possible without sacrificing “clean”.

Guaranteed Pricing

The price I quote you will be the price you pay. I’ll give you a guaranteed written quotation before I begin.