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I Have Pet Odours! What Can I Do About These?

If your dog or cat or other pet has had accidents on the carpet there is a good chance I can remedy the problem. See my Pet Odour page

We are taught that the only way to remove the odour is to remove the source! Yes, you can keep your pet. I’m referring to the odour source in the flooring.
I can come and assess the situation. I have a couple tools that allow me to locate the specific urine spots and then I can treat them.

If the animal has made a long term habit of using the carpet as a litter box, it gets to the point where the best remedy is to pull up the carpet, remove the underlay, paint and seal the floor or replace it if necessary, treat and clean the carpet, then reinstall with new underlay.
Most times I can remedy the odour. Sometimes it takes a couple treatments. Just so you’re aware.

Here’s what you can do immediately.

1. Blot and clean up the spot as best you can. If urine, use an absorbent towel and press firmly into the carpet to draw up any moisture.

2. Using a mild cleaning solution, 1 tbsp of laundry soap WITHOUT BLEECH in a 500ml of warm water. Pour it liberally onto the spot and gently work it into the fibres with a soft brush or absorbent towel. Work Lightly, no need for elbow grease!! Blot up as much moisture as you can.

3. Mix up a white vinegar solution. 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts hot water. Saturate the area with this solution. Step on it and squish it right into the backing. Then use a towel and blot it up as best you can.

If its #2, you don’t need to saturate the area with either solution, just apply to the affected areas, work it in firmly, and blot up.


You can try this with older spots as well.
Some clients have had success with Natures Miracle. Follow their instructions.

I’m here to do that deep cleaning you can’t do with a towel.

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