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Pet Odour Removal in Sooke, BC and surrounding areas

If you have pets, chances are there have been accidents. After a while they tend to smell and can discolour the carpet. What happens is that when the accident first happens, the urine is biologically clean and acidic. At this point it is easy to clean up.

Blot it up well, pour a hot vinegar solution -mixed 1part WHITE vinegar with 1 part hot water, saturate and blot with a thick towel.

This is where Carpet Protectant is useful to keep it on the surface! After a while bacteria begin to grow and the urine starts to become alkaline. Ammonia gas is given off and some of the dyes in the carpet can begin to bleach out.

As long as the spots aren’t too big there is a means of removing the urine and the odour. Once a urine contamination has gotten out of control then the best, and really the only way to guarantee the odour removal, is to lift or remove the carpet, remove the underpad, sand and paint the floor, clean and sanitize or replace the carpet, then reinstall the carpet with new underpad. That is usually a bit of a process and quite inconvenient.


We’re taught that the only way to remove the odour is to remove the source.
Yes, you can keep your pet 😉

The way I treat the specific urine spots is with a tool called the Water Claw. Using this tool allows the removal of the odour source without removing the carpet or pouring a ton of deodourizer all over hoping to hit it.

First I have to find the problem areas. For this I use a moisture probe and/or a black light. I locate the exact urine spots and treat them specifically rather than treating the entire floor. If there are many spots, as in the picture with the black light its more advantageous to treat the whole area.

Be aware that it may take a couple treatments. This is not something I can guarantee 100% on the first try as I don’t know how extensive the source has penetrated that flooring.

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