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Upholstery is not carpet. Profoundly simple statement but it implies differences in how it is cleaned. Upholstery does not require a “deep” cleaning. The material is usually thin so cleaning solutions and tools are designed not to penetrate the fabric as much as those designed for carpet. Typically the material needs to be treated more gently than carpet. Not all fabrics can be wet cleaned. A professional needs to be able to determine the correct method; whether it can be cleaned wet or if it requires a low moisture method OR whether it can be cleaned at all without damaging the fabric.

There are more concerns a technician needs to be aware of when cleaning upholstery. Some fabrics have multiple fibre types, and/or multiple layers and different weaves. Fabrics can be very expensive too; I’ve seen one fabric with gold threads that cost $350/yard!! Sometimes the least agressive cleaning method could cause damage. Not all cleaning techs are trained to determine this.

There is also a lot more surface area, with crevices, corners, edges, skirts, flounces, and separate cushions. It can take as much time to clean a sofa properly as it does 2 rooms.

As the owner, I want the Best training so I traveled to San Francisco for a 3 day course. We tested the newest tools and cleaning methods. We were taught how to clean a fabric as delicate as toilet paper without damaging it.

Ever slapped a cushion in the sunlight and see a puff of dust?Furniture fabric will attract dust just as much as carpet. Dry vacuuming is always recommended for maintenance as well as before cleaning. It also implies that furniture needs regular cleaning as much as your flooring.

Price: You will find that some companies will clean a sofa for $49 and some will charge as much as $150. What makes the difference?

The difference lies in the quality and thoroughness of the work. If all you are looking for is a quick cleaning on a inexpensive sofa, then the $49 cleaning may be adequate for you. But if you have furniture that you intend on keeping and you want to know it is thoroughly and properly cleaned, then don’t choose just any cleaner. You get what you pay for so you will most likely need to expect anywhere from $100-$150 for a average sofa cleaning.


1. The type of fabric
2. The amount of soiling
3. The size of the sofa

Once your furniture is clean, just like carpets, you should really consider applying a Protectant to the fabric. It is designed to repel soil, water, and oil. Regular cleaning and protecting will ensure you will get the maximum lifespan out of your sofa, and the maximum out of you investment.

Check out this commonly asked question about protectant.
As well as the main Protectant page.

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