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Will Steam Cleaning Harm My Carpets or Furniture?

The short answer is No.

Over the years I’ve heard/read so much misinformation about steam cleaning:

  • it will leave a soggy wet mess
  • it takes days to dry
  • mold and mildew will grow
  • high pressure will cut the fibres
  • the strong vacuum will suck it apart
  • it will leave “tide lines” on furniture
  • it will remove the finish from carpets
  • carpets will resoil faster so wait as long as possible
  • carpet will shrink

When I hear things like this I cringe. While these comments probably were true at one time (it had to have happened to start the saying) it just tells me the person really has no idea about the advancements in this industry.

Modern carpet technology is basically water resistant, and approximately 98% of the water used in our cleaning process is removed by our powerful industrial-strength vacuum. Our vacuum is about 30-45 times more powerful than an average household vacuum cleaner.

New tools have been specially designed and tweaked to harness the high pressure and super vacuum to safely clean and rinse fabrics leaving them as dry and residue free as possible.

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